General Site Terms of Use

  1. You can not claim ownership or copyright to any of the images found on any page on the site Andrea’s Pixel Place at
  2. As with all items on my  site none of my images or items may appear on sites that support racism, nudity, violence or pornography.
  3. You can not share any images found on this site with anyone.  If they would like the images please refer them to my site.
  4. Incredimail letters are not to be taken apart and changed then redistributed as your own.
  5. I reserve the right to change my terms of use at any time.  I will email and post any changes I make.

Members Area Terms of Use

  1. Do not redistribute any of the items found within these members pages.  Do not post them on yahoo groups or MSN site
  2. You have one week to put your members plaque on your site and link it to .  Failure to do so will suspend your membership.  If you find your membership has been suspended please email me and let me know where I can find the logo and your account will be reactivated.
  3. Do not share your login and password with anyone.  If you do your membership will be cancelled and no refund given.
  4. Please note that lifetime membership means the lifetime of this members area and not mine or yours.
  5. A refund will not be given once your login info has been sent.
  6. Payments may be made using paypal or by cash/cheque via snail mail.  Accounts will not be activated until the funds have cleared. 
  7. Do not add any of the line art to your site in the outline form.  It must be colored unless you purchase as AS IS license and the image is clearly marked as being able to be put in your members area .
  8. You may not alter any of the images unless you email me first asking permission.
  9. If you have a tube license you may create tubes for your members area from lineart found on this site
  10. You can not create outlines using my psp tubes unless you have purchased a Line Art License
  11. You must post a link somewhere that visitors can see it.  A membership page is fine.  The link should be pointed at
  12. When completing a tutorial with the intent of tubing it and placing it in your paid members area you must make the colors different than mine.
  13. You may resize, alter and adjust my psp images to create lineart
  14. What you do with this line art is up to you.  Add it to your site, sell it, keep it for yourself…the end result is yours
  15. When posting these items for others to purchase in what ever way, members area graphics shop etc there must be a link either a members logo, your license or text link that says Line Art based on images by Andrea’s Pixel Place

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