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Thank you for stopping by.  I’d like to start by apologizing for the lack of content right now.  I had to change servers and managed to lose everything in the process.  So now I’m starting from scratch.  I’m working on learning how to create my own pixel WordPress theme for this site which is why it looks rather plain right now.

If you are a member of my old site named the same please let me know.  You can email me by clicking on this link.  If you could send me your name, email you had previously joined with and your site url (past and present if it’s different) I’ll be sure to get you set up here again.

I’m not promising there will be major updates all the time as I’m really busy in life however I have missed pixeling and am hoping to be able to update this site every so often.  The first order of business here will be to get my logos up for the sites that I am a member of…sadly there are not many that are still around…but on the plus side I’ll get to join new ones =)


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  1. Tanya shares:

    I found you! I think your site used to be andreaslittlepixels? if so My members area is back up :-) my site is all new and I am glad to be back pixeling :)

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