Pisces February 19 – Mar 20

February 19 – Mar 20

Quality: Mutable-Pisces is receptive, intuitive and emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable and mystical, adaptable and very changeable.

Ruling Planet: Neptune-Ancient god of the sea; second of the modern planets to be discovered in 1846. In astrology, Neptune is the planet of illusion, glamour, mystery and deception.

Symbol: Two fishes tied to one another and swimming in opposite directions. This signifies hidden depths, shifting emotional currents, conflicting desires and extremes of temperament.

Dominant Keyword:I BELIEVE

Polarity or Opposite: Virgo-Pisces is the sign of dreams and mysticism. Its natives trust their intuitions and feelings and tend to seek more spiritual values in life. Virgo. Pisces’ opposite sign, is the sign of work and service. Virgo people deal in facts and reality; they are practical and strive for material success.

Body Parts Ruled by Pisces: The feet-Pisceans have beautifully shaped, sensitive feet that are unfortunately prone to aches, bunions and corns. Ill-fitting shoes are a particular hazard to people of this sign.

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Numbers: 2 and 6

Birthstone: Aquamarine-Magnifies occult powers and brings serenity of mind. It also protects its wearer while traveling on the sea.

Color: Pale green and turquoise-the dreamy colors of the sea.

Dangers: Pisceans have a high susceptibility to alcohol and drugs. They are also easily drawn into unpredictable situations and to unbalanced people.

Most Likeable Trait: compassion

Just as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, represents a new beginning so the 12th and last sign, Pisces, is the end of the circle, the sign of eternity, reincarnation and spiritual rebirth. Many astrologers say that Pisces is a link to the spirit world and that you who are born under this sign are old souls, for they believe Pisces to have experienced other lives in the past.

Pisces have an otherworldly quality. In mystical terms, you are described as being half body and half spirit, pulled between material existence and spiritual concerns, posed of the knowledge that you will never be entirely at home in the real world.

Like natives of the other water signs (cancer and Scorpio), you have the ability to see deeply into the human psyche. Subtle and intuitive, you are born with the gift of prophecy, and may even become involved in the occult, ESP and spiritualism. If you get a hunch, others would be wise to pay attention.

Ruled By Neptune, planet of mystery and illusion, your personality is elusive, fey and quick silvery. Your element is water, and the imagery of the sea is evident in how easily you adapt to the ever-shifting currents around you. More than natives of any other sign, you are enormously influenced by your surroundings and by the people who touch your life. Indeed, you have a unique ability to get under another person’s skin, to take literally, as you’re own, another’s problems, joys and woes. At times you give away the very strength and emotional security you need for yourself.

You possess superb intuitions and a seemingly bottomless understanding of other people, yet your extraordinary sensitivity can be your most vulnerable point. You are too impressionable to each passing influence, too susceptible to someone else’s hard luck story or plea for help. For you, learning to say no can be a lifetime project and you may never learn how to do it at all.

Pisces is known as the sign of self-undoing, and you may become the creator of your own downfall. You are impractical and fall prey to overindulgence. You also have a penchant for picking the wrong companions. At times, your life may become so punctuated with trouble and heartache that you try desperately to escape-and then you are like Eliza jumping from ice floe to ice floe, with no clear sense of where you are headed. Conflicting emotions and desires pull you to and fro. You must fight hard for stability, for the strength of purpose and balance needed to combat the negativity of laziness, carelessness and emotional confusion.

This is not to imply that you lack backbone. Indeed, you are capable of great sacrifice and hard work in the service of a cause or an ideal. However, not many natives of this sign are suited to the hatish, rough and tumble world of business and commerce. Creative and intensely imaginative, you are more successful as a writer, musician or artist. Pisces is the sign of the poet and the dreamer and you strive to create a world that comes closer to your own unique vision.

Fundamentally unsure of yourself, you prefer to work alone rather than with people. You have an instinct for finding what appears to be the easy way out, and founder in the shallows of least resistance. This is why so many talented, charming, superior natives of this sign never attain the position in life to which their gifts entitle them.

You are a very special person whose sensitivity and awareness will always appeal to a select group. You are capable of high intellectual achievement and your magnetic, mysterious, engaging and delightful personality is heightened by an intriguing sense of drama.

You are also loyal, unselfish, and generous, always ready to help a friend who has fallen on hard times. Naturally kind, with a deep appreciation for the inner qualities of others, you are not concerned with the superficial and with what others see on the surface. You look at the inner soul, the essence. There is no more sensitive, perceptive friend, nor one more warmhearted, caring, devoted, and sentimental.

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