Gemini May 21 – June 20

May 21 – June 20

Quality: Mutable-Gemini is lively, energetic, versatile, and intellectual, lives primarily in the mind rather than the emotions and is extremely adaptable to new situations.

Ruling Planet: Mercury-Ancient messenger of the gods. In astrology, Mercury rules communication and travel. Its influence emphasizes a nervous temperament.

Symbol:The twins-Associated with duality, humanism, versatility and communication.

Dominant Keyword: I think

Polarity or Opposite: Sagittarius-Gemini is the sign of thought and communication on a personal level. Natives of Gemini strive for self-expression and try to impose their views on others. Sagittarius, which is Gemini’s opposite sign, is the sign governing the wider provenance of philosophy and mental exploration. Sagittarian people tend to shrink from close personal involvement and unlike Gemini are shaped by what other others think of them.

Body Parts Ruled by Gemini: Hands, arms, shoulders and lungs. Gemini is susceptible to strains and accidents involving hands and arms; also prone to bronchitis and respiratory ailments.

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 9

Birthstone: Agate-A multicolored stone that protects from deception, falsehood and bestows eloquence, especially in declarations of love

Color:Yellow-Bright and luminous, the color of novelty.

Dangers: Gemini people are prone to accidents while traveling, especially by air. Their fickle natures tend to arouse anger in others, the depth of which Gemini’s often misjudge.

Most Likeable Trait: Responsiveness

People born under this sign are many sided, quick inaction, clever with words, skillful at handling others and brimful of new ideas.

Astrologers regard this third sign of the zodiac as the quintessentially human sign, for it seems to sum up qualities that are the distinguishing hallmarks of the human race-intelligence, adaptability and communicativeness.

Gemini people do not sit back and watch the scenery goby. As a Gemini you are endlessly curious about everything and must be part of the busy passing scene. If all the world’s a stage, Gemini must be the actor on that stage. Unlike Leo, who wants only to be the star, Gemini wants to play all the parts and be the director, producer and the stagehand!

Duality is your most famous trait. You usually want more than one of everything. That includes jobs, hobbies, careers and lovers. Basically your nature is restless, on the go, in quest of new ideas and fresh experiences. As a result, you often leave a trail of unfinished tasks. Your tendency is to fritter away energy on too many projects instead of concentrating your cleverness on one task.

Gemini is the sign of communication and its natives have an urgent and continual need to communicate. You enjoy writing notes, chatting with strangers and the telephone is a major means of communication. People should learn not to give you their number if they aren’t the kind who like to spend a lot of time on the phone!

Born with the gift of persuasion, you could sell ice in Greenland. Your quick mind can explain any action, defend any position and justify any course. A mental magpie, you pick up information here, gossip there and little tidbits everywhere. This makes you an ideal conversationalist, for you know a little about everything. You also are inclined to have firm opinions on everything (subject to revision at a moment’s notice.)

A Gemini’s weakness is superficiality. Because you are so quick to grasp an idea or size up a situation, you tend to skim its surface, not bothering to explore it in any depth. The other side of the coin however, is that with very little preparation you can make a marvelous initial impression.

Your facile gifts of writing, speaking and self-expression make you a success in dealing with the public. You have a quicksilver personality that can adapt to many kinds of people. You are often drawn to the stage and the dramatic arts.

Amusing, versatile and witty, you are a wonderful friend who lifts people out of their doldrums. It’s easy to see why friends and admirers usually surround you because you’re such fun to be with. True you can be impatient with persons who aren’t as quick as you are, or who can’t keep up with the rapid flow of your thought and speech. However, Your natural exuberance sweeps even the most reluctant and surly along with you. In almost any situation you can be as charming as you want to be-with a little extra thrown in.

“Life is a jest and all things show it; I thought so once and now I know it,” this spells out the philosophy of Gemini. You don’t waste time plumbing dark emotional depths. There is a brooding side to your Jekyll and Hyde disposition, but you don’t let it dominate your light hearted spirits. You’re too interested in fun and games.

Gemini’s have a wide range of contacts and benefit from the advice and help of influential people. You will attract financial luck, but a tendency toward extravagance often more than offsets it. In your ledger, income always adds up to something a little short of outgo.

Routine and monotony are two things you dread and you will go to any lengths to avoid them. Change is your keyword, and what you value most is freedom. It’s useless for anyone to try to pin you down. For you the fun is in traveling, not in arriving at a destination. You love to explore new territory and see the way people live on the other side of the world. Inquisitive and imaginative, you are open to a different way of looking at things. Your trendy, up-to-date lifestyle has you constantly living off the fad of the land.

For the sheer fascination of it, people should have at least one Gemini in their lives. (Two might be exhausting.)

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