I`m a big Android fan and one of the greatest app`s I`ve downloaded so far is App of the Day.  Every day for 24 hours you get a free app that is normally paid.  I`ve gotten some really bad ones but there are some good ones out there.

Yesterdays app of the day was runtastic.  I was a little upset about it since it was supposed to be a free app and turned out to be a demo for their pro version but I ended up trying it anyways.  The regular version looked pretty good too.

So I went out last night for a walk around town and turned this on as well as Map my Walk and Nike+.  Wanted to see how they all compared with the distance etc.

They all track the distance with GPS so basically unless you get into an area where the GPS signal is low it should work ok.  Although unless I check into elevation I`m not sure which is more accurate for that.  They were all a little different except the Nike+ which doesn`t show that.

Below is a screenshot from the history.  I didn`t think to do that after I had completed my walk last night.  I`ll be sure to do that tonight and add it here tomorrow.


And this screen actually shows you on a map where you walked.  I was pretty impressed that it showed that I was on different sides of the street when I started and finished my walk.