June 5, 2012

Not too sure how often I will write here but there was something I wanted to write about and it didn’t really fit into any of the other categories so I thought I would add this one for the posts that don’t really fit anywhere else.  What did I want to write about?  Well if you know me at all you would know that I have forgotten…lol.  Yep don’t have a clue so I’m going to go look for a plug in that will track my weight loss…I’m really hoping there is such a thing although I’m thinking of doing two different ones.  One for lbs and the other for inches.  If you have tried loosing weight at all you will know that you loose way more inches in the beginning that lbs which is why I get really crabby with The Biggest Loser when they are up there whining that they only lost 1 or 2 lbs when you can visually see the difference.  Anyways I’m babbling again…yep have that problem too…I’m off to go plugin hunting….wish me luck