July 8, 2012

Well after deserting this site for another month I’m back again.  I haven’t really been up to too much and that includes my diet which has really gotten me down.  So I’ve decided today is the day and no more using excuses.  And as silly as it seems I think writing into this site helps alot even if no one reads this….cause someday someone other than spammers might.  My son is now out of school for the summer which is great although I think he would be happy just sleeping all day…lol.  We have lots planned for this summer since very soon he will be of the age that no longer wants to be seen with mom….which will be a heart breaker but also means I’m that much closer to my Hawaii vacation…lol.

Well enough for today or rather now…I may be back later who knows.  Gotta get everything gathered up for our trip to Earl Haig Water Park in Brantford tomorrow and to book our trip to Niagara Falls Waterpark sometime this month as well.