Kitchen Scrubbie


I’ve been making dish washing cloths for years for Christmas presents for family and friends.  When I saw this I had to try it.  I have to say I didn’t use the directions they give but I did base it on the pattern from Hook Candy.

If you would like the directions they give for the image above go to the site and you can download it from there.  My pattern was very simple and is below.

I used Bernet Handicrafter Cotton, the same as I use for dish cloths and a size 5 crochet hook.  I also bought a pack of 12 sponges size 4 inches by 2.5 inches at a local dollar store.  The sponges I purchased were all dark white so it didn’t matter if it showed through.

Chain 21Row 1 Turn chain and do 20 sc to end.  Chain 1 and turn
Row 2 to 11 repeat row 1
Tie off and repeat for the other side.

Once both pieces have been completed put them back to back and using a single crochet put them together.  I usually do the long side and both short sides before I put the sponge in.  Just makes it a little easier that way.

This is the sponge that I used.  See what I mean by it’s kind of a neutral color.


This next image is of the two pieces when they have been completed.  I know it looks like one is bigger than the other but it isn’t.  The one is curled up a bit.


This is what I meant by joining the two pieces on three sides before putting the sponge in.


And my finished dish sponge.  I have to say I absolutely love this for doing my dishes as well as washing my floor….ya I know I’m weird I still do it with a sponge and bucket.