Another new day =)

Well here I am again trying to get back on a diet.  I desperately need it.  I’m almost 100 lbs over weight.  I can’t believe that I can barely bend over and tie my shoes.  I have never been this bad.  And yes I mean bad.  Because this is terrible.

You know you are over weight when the people you used to consider to be over weight are now giving you clothes because they no longer fit in them.  Yep that’s right I’m getting people’s fat clothes.  That did it for me.

So today I ordered a Fitbit One and it should be here tomorrow or the next day.  I had been using a body bugg that I had gotten years ago and it did work to keep me motivated but after a few days I ended up with a nasty rash on my arm.  I tried moving it to different body parts but then I didn’t know if it was giving me accurate readings.  Not to mention that you have to get a monthly membership to be able to get the readings.

I also got back on to Lose It and am using it to log my food.  The best part is I love lose it for logging food and the Fitbit will sync with it so this was the best $100 I’ve spent in awhile.

So anyways I’m really hoping with all the new great friends I’ve met online that I will finally get the support I need to lose this horrible weight.