June 22, 2013

Nope haven’t forgotten about this site yet….I kind of lost my way for a bit with the diet….thought I could do it alone…didn’t need to log food cause I had it all in my little pea brain….if you ever feel this way all I can say is give your head a shake….I had lost 8.9 lbs and ya I ended up gaining about 5 lbs of it back before I smartened up. I’ve about half of that so far.

I’ve boughten myself a new HRM which is awesome…the sites that help you track your calories are great if you don’t have anything else but if you do like a HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) then you realize how far off they are.  For example yesterday I went for a bike ride and according to Fitbit I should have recorded 187 calories burned, MapMyFitness says I should have burned 487 calories…my HRM 357.    So although it’s ok to under count your calories I am a little OCD about it and have to know exactly where I am at…lol.  I can’t wait to record how many calories I am actually burning when I cut the grass.  According to most sites the average burn for cutting grass is 6 calories per minute….this doesn’t take into account all the hills I have to climb…rough land etc. When I’m cutting grass I’m huffing and puffing almost as much as my bike ride mentioned earlier only instead of the 20 mins for my bike ride it’s about 2 to 3 hours….yeah me!!!!

Well I’ve finished my coffee now so it’s bike riding time. =)