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Green Coffee Bean

So awhile ago I had heard about this new healthy Green Coffee Bean pill that was supposed to aid in weight loss.  I went and talked to a friend about it and she wouldn’t recommend it but wouldn’t say it was bad either.  She reminded me as always I would still need to do the work to lose weight and exercise but that it may help increase my weight loss.  You are supposed to take 2 pills half an hour before each meal.  Sometimes I would take it sometimes I wouldn’t, I just couldn’t seem to get on schedule with it until I finally gave up.  Or rather it was pointless to try as I had no time to breathe hardly let alone diet and exercise.

Before taking the green coffee beans I had managed to lose 22.4 lbs by watching what I ate and walking….lots and lots of walking.  Then when my place of employement voted for a strike my whole world turned upside down.  I then had to get a part time job, do the hours at the picket line which were a lot by the way, a 13 year old son that was starting to get into many different things so was driving him here and there and low and behold come the 1st of December of last year I had managed to gain back 10 of those hard earned pounds I had lost.  I kept trying to start my diet and used the old ” I’ll start tomorrow” plan which as we all know doesn’t work.

On January 1st of 2014 I said enough was enough and got back on the green coffee beans and watched what I ate and started walking and walking and yes a little jogging too.  I faithfully took those 2 little pills before each meal and my glass of water and as of the 16th of January I had lost 8.8 lbs and a total of 6 inches …pretty impressive.  Now I don’t know if it was the green coffee beans or just all the hard work I was putting into it but it worked.

While I was using the green coffee beans I had read about this new product called Skinny Fiber which is supposed to do what the green coffee bean does only faster and it has fiber in it which I’m sorry to say I definitely don’t get enough of.  It’s expensive but since the strike ended I’ve kept my part time job along with my full time job and do have a little extra money and I know how I am…if I get frustrated I’ll give up.  So for now I’m putting my green coffee beans on the back burner.  If the SF doesn’t work I’ll definitely be coming back to them.  If you are interested in my experience with Skinny Fiber please look to the category list for Skinny Fiber under My Diet Journey.

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