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I love my gardens….they are nothing fancy…no special cement statues just made with a lot of love by me.  I can spend hours in my yard both in my flower garden and vegetable garden.  Last year I noticed these cute little chipmunks…they were so adorable I could watch them play for hours.  This year I just want to strangle them….lol.  They tunneled through my flower beds…I put up with them….they tunnels through my lawn….I put up with them… I planted my garden and they messed with my peas….no one messes with my peas….gggrrrrr

So I’m really not the type to kill animals…get teary eyed when I hit a bunny driving down the road even but these little buggers had to go.  I had priced out live traps awhile ago but one for chipmunks was 89.99 at the local TSC store.  I figured I could buy a lot of poison for that price.  This morning when I got up I had decided that enough was enough and I was going to buy something to kill the little buggers.  So I wen to TSC and low and behold the trap was on sale for 39.99 so I grabbed it.

I wasn’t too sure what to put in it to catch them so I did what I always do…did a search on google ( I love that site =) for what to use for bait.  I looked at a few different sites and basically the winning bait for most of them was peanut butter and bird seed mixed together.  I didn’t have any bird seed cause the little buggers had gotten into it in the winter and spread it all over my back porch so I thought I would try just peanut butter.  I put the trap out where I knew they ran and sure enough within about 15 minutes there was one in the cage…..gotta love it.

I’m hoping to catch more by tomorrow so I can plant some more peas.  I also read that they really dislike the smell of garlic so I have some soaking in water right now and am going to spray the ground with it really well after I plant them….hopefully my peas don’t have a funky taste =)

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