30 Day Squat Challenge

Well I was at work last night bored as usual and was browsing facebook when I saw a post a friend of mine had and thought what the hell I gotta try this.  Instead of a new post for every day I do these I’m just going to update this page so it’s all in one section.


It kind of got cut off on the edges but I’m sure you can get the drift of it.   Look before for how I did each day.  I`m starting this on April 13, 2013

Well so much for that idea….I got up to day 8 and twisted my ankle at work.  Could barely walk for 2 days and then tried it and well it didn’t work.  It’s been 5 days now and I can get around on it ok but if I put too much pressure on it or turn it the wrong way it still bothers me.  So I’ve had to put this one hold.  I figure I’ll give it another week and try again, or maybe not.  It was getting in the way of my going for a bike ride etc so it may be not until the fall when the crappy weather hits again.  Who knows =)

 Day  Number of Squats  Comments
 1  50  I was really surprised I made it to 34 before I had to take a break and even then it was only for about 15 seconds and then I finished it.
 2  55  OMG my legs are burning.  But I did it.  Took a 5 second break around 20 but kept on going.  The last 4 I had to push myself harder than I ever have.  But I did it. Yeah Me!!!
 3  60  Well I made it to 40 before I had to stop for about 25 seconds.  Then I finished the last 20.  It was really hard, my legs were shaking but I did it.  Thank god tomorrow is a rest day….lol
 4  REST!!!  Yeah me!!!!
 5  70  I did it…although I have to admit I stopped 2 times but I did go for a bike ride earlier today so I’m going to say I was already wore out from that =)
 6  75  Yep I did it…had to stop twice, and force myself to keep going.  I kept thinking I was going to stop but forced myself to keep at it.  I’m sure it’s got to get better soon right?
 7  80  Wow hard work…stopped a few times but I did it.
 8  REST!!!
 9  100
 10  105
 11  110
 12  REST!!!
 13  130
 14  135
 15  140
 16  REST!!!
 17  150
 18  155
 19  160
 20  REST!!!
 21  180
 22  185
 23  190
 24  REST!!!
 25  220
 26  225
 27  230
 28  REST!!!
 29  240
 30  250