2013 Gardens

Well as I’ve said before I’m working weekends so I tend to have a lot of spare time on my hands.  So I decided to tidy and spiffy up my vegetable garden.  I’m not able to plant a lot of things as the chipmunks and racoons tend to eat everything before it is even grown.  So I decided to add a few flowers and stuff and made it all pretty.


This pic above is a farther away shot.  At the beginning of the spring there was no border, rough uneven edges and no pretty flowers.


This is down the one side from the front to the back.  The black and red is mulch.  There are peony trees, iris’s, gerbera daisies and dahalia’s planted down the side of this path.


This is the view from one side to the other side along the back wall.  To the left I have rose bushes, dahalias, hibiscus that is a beautiful deep red color.  To the left I have peonies.


This little garden used to be where I had my blue soft side pool.  My son hardly used it last year so I decided to turn that area into my garden.  The black rocks are coal that used to be burned in my sons’s great grandparents tobacco farm.  I don’t think i like them there so I’ll probably move them somewhere else.  In the middle is a hibiscus that hasn’t come up yet, there are also miniture roses, lilies, and iris’s to name a few.

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