Safe way to kill weeds etc

A friend of mine wanted a safe way to get rid of the millions of lilac trees that had sprouted in the new house she had bought.  After searching a ton of different sites I found one that suggested Vinegar and rock salt.

It didn’t give you amounts just that if there was left over salt that didn’t dissolve after being left for awhile then you had enough.  What I did was every time I cleaned my coffee pot/kettle etc  I would put it in a left over vinegar jug that I had poured some rock salt in.  If the next time I went to put more vinegar in there was no  left over salt I added a bunch more.  I kept doing this all winter long.

Come spring in one of my flower beds there was this plant growing that I hated and it kept spreading…it seemed like the more I tried to get rid of it the more it spread.  SO I got a sprayer from the local dollar store and put some of this mixture in it and sprayed this plant and went inside for lunch. I came out about an hour and a half later and the plant had already started to die.  I checked it this morning and it was still very sickly looking but unfortunately it started raining so I’m not sure how it’s going to work.  guess I will have to see.

Next thing I’m trying this on is the wandering or wild grapes growing all over my trees.  I’m going to try drilling a hole in the stump after I cut it off and pouring some in…I’m hoping this will work.  I did it with a  couple of sycamore trees growing around here and it worked great.  I’ll keep you posted.

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2013 Gardens

Well as I’ve said before I’m working weekends so I tend to have a lot of spare time on my hands.  So I decided to tidy and spiffy up my vegetable garden.  I’m not able to plant a lot of things as the chipmunks and racoons tend to eat everything before it is even grown.  So I decided to add a few flowers and stuff and made it all pretty.


This pic above is a farther away shot.  At the beginning of the spring there was no border, rough uneven edges and no pretty flowers.


This is down the one side from the front to the back.  The black and red is mulch.  There are peony trees, iris’s, gerbera daisies and dahalia’s planted down the side of this path.


This is the view from one side to the other side along the back wall.  To the left I have rose bushes, dahalias, hibiscus that is a beautiful deep red color.  To the left I have peonies.


This little garden used to be where I had my blue soft side pool.  My son hardly used it last year so I decided to turn that area into my garden.  The black rocks are coal that used to be burned in my sons’s great grandparents tobacco farm.  I don’t think i like them there so I’ll probably move them somewhere else.  In the middle is a hibiscus that hasn’t come up yet, there are also miniture roses, lilies, and iris’s to name a few.

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I love my gardens….they are nothing fancy…no special cement statues just made with a lot of love by me.  I can spend hours in my yard both in my flower garden and vegetable garden.  Last year I noticed these cute little chipmunks…they were so adorable I could watch them play for hours.  This year I just want to strangle them….lol.  They tunneled through my flower beds…I put up with them….they tunnels through my lawn….I put up with them… I planted my garden and they messed with my peas….no one messes with my peas….gggrrrrr

So I’m really not the type to kill animals…get teary eyed when I hit a bunny driving down the road even but these little buggers had to go.  I had priced out live traps awhile ago but one for chipmunks was 89.99 at the local TSC store.  I figured I could buy a lot of poison for that price.  This morning when I got up I had decided that enough was enough and I was going to buy something to kill the little buggers.  So I wen to TSC and low and behold the trap was on sale for 39.99 so I grabbed it.

I wasn’t too sure what to put in it to catch them so I did what I always do…did a search on google ( I love that site =) for what to use for bait.  I looked at a few different sites and basically the winning bait for most of them was peanut butter and bird seed mixed together.  I didn’t have any bird seed cause the little buggers had gotten into it in the winter and spread it all over my back porch so I thought I would try just peanut butter.  I put the trap out where I knew they ran and sure enough within about 15 minutes there was one in the cage…..gotta love it.

I’m hoping to catch more by tomorrow so I can plant some more peas.  I also read that they really dislike the smell of garlic so I have some soaking in water right now and am going to spray the ground with it really well after I plant them….hopefully my peas don’t have a funky taste =)

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