Still Alive

Just wanted to drop a line and let you all know I’m still around.  I’ve decided to get back into my pixel graphics and have been busy trying to get it all organized so I can get it all back up on the site.  Once I get that completed or maybe just once I need a break…lol…I’ll start adding the rest of the astrology pages to this site along with some of the old content before I start adding more.  If you are interested in pixel graphics I’d love for you to come and take a look at my other site at Andrea’s Pixel Place


April 11, 2014

I think summer is finally on it’s way.  My flowers are starting to bloom and I can see all the rocks and broken branches laying on my grass…lol.  My time here will be limited as I love being outside and don’t always find the time to update here.

I’ve also re found my love of computer graphics and have started my other website Andrea’s Pixel Place.  In time I’m hoping to have pixel tubes, psp tubes, wordpress themes, incredimail letters and much much more.  Again that will take time because as I said it’s spring and unless it rains I stay outside.

So with that being said I’ve got to go, I’ve had my coffee and it’s time for me to head outside.

I’m an idiot

Well I did have this site all up and going again and then I accidentally erased it.  So now I have to start all over again…this time I’ve installed a backup pluggin…not a good day =)