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Day 6

Calories in: 1937
Calories out: 2429
Steps taken: 5430
Mins of exercise: 0

Today was supposed to be my rest day.  Although I didn’t “exercise” I didn’t sit around all day either.  I did a bunch of little things around the house.  Take down xmas decorations, hang some pictures, wash the floors, bath the dog.  I know all of this doesn’t seem like much but although it’s only been 6 days that I’ve been exercising I had no problem sitting for the whole day before the tv or computer screen.  I would say I did half sitting and half flittering around the house.  I was so impressed with myself.  Yes I did eat more calories than I would have like but in my defence it was New Years Eve =)

Day 5

Calories in: 1439
Calories out: 2509
Steps taken: 8967
Mins of exercise: 69

I wanted to post this one the day that I actually do it so I can keep a record of how I feel every day. I’ll fill in the numbers above tomorrow after my day has finished. They are going to be a little on the low side however as my Fitbit needed a recharge and I kind of forgot about it for a few hours =)

It was really hard doing my workout today. My legs were killing me and I really didn’t have a whole lot of ambition. But I did it. I went out shopping after and bought myself a set of kettlebells and a new mat for my 28 day challenge I’m starting on Monday. God help me I’ll be really impressed if I make it through this one. I’m sure it’s not going to be

Day 4

Calories In: 1060
Calories Burned: 2995
Steps Taken: 10,055
Mins of Exercise: 71

I was really proud of myself for this one. I did a kickass workout on HealthyUTV and didn’t have my steps in yet so I decided to take my puppy for a walk. For those of you that live in areas where it snows you know how hard it can be walking on snow when people are too lazy to clear their sidewalks. I think it’s pretty close if not worse than walking in sand. My puppy Gemma is just getting used to walking on a leash. I must say I’m pretty proud of how good she has done.

Day 3

Day 3

According to my HealthUTV program today is a rest day…thank goodness. I think I pushed myself a little hard yesterday…lol. Thought I was going to have to get my son to help me out of bed. Shoulders and arms are not too bad but boy oh boy my legs…lol.

Calories In: 1431
Calories Burned: 2794
Steps Taken: 10082
Mins of Exercise: 31

Day 2

Day 2

Calories In: 1772
Calories Burned: 2531
Steps Taken: 8504
Mins of Exercise: 72

So I wasn’t really ambitious today but managed to get myself moving finally. Did 2 workout videos and then hopped on my treadmill for 45 mins. Really pushed myself today and boy did I feel it after. I just have to keep telling myself that once the aches and pains are gone I’ll feel great and look better…boy oh boy is it hard though…how did you deal with the sore muscles when you started?

Day 1

So I was going to do another video however my phone was dead so I thought I would do a written post. I slept in a little late but did get a workout in. To get myself started I’m doing workout videos from GetHealthyUTV

I decided to start on the Beginner to Buff series as I am definitely a beginner…lol. I did a 1 mile power walk video and the lower body shred. Those took about 45 mins total to do and then I hopped on the treadmill for another 20 mins.

I also have a Fitbit Surge and use that to track my calories. My calories in was 1484 and calories out was 2438. If you are unfamiliar with Fitbit it shows you how much you have eaten and how much you have burned and holds back 500 calories. I know it’s kind of out If you have a Fitbit and are looking for more friends please feel free to add me.

Going forward I’ll try and make this post a little more interesting and just do a list for the info above and write more after that…lol…if that makes any sense.

Well gotta go now and I hope to see you all later.

Calories In: 1484
Calories Burned: 2438
Steps Taken: 7646
Mins of Exercise: 38