Starting Over

Thank you for joining me in my little home away from home.  This site has been many different things over many years and every so often I change it depending on what tickles my fancy at the time.

I try to add back some of the more interesting things and the rest I just keep for a rainy day.  I hope you find something interesting here.

My grandmother McRae passed away in 2014 and when my mom came home from BC she brought back some of my grandmother’s genealogy research on my father’ s side of the family.  It sparked a bug in me that made me feel like I just can’t learn enough about my ancestors.

Later this year (2019) I’m planning on driving out to BC to get the rest of the information my grandmother has on the whole family.  She began researching her ancestors many years ago before there were computers in every home.  I am amazed at everything she found and can’t help but think how far back she would have gotten if she would have used a computer.

I thought I would use this website to share some of the information I have received from her and found myself.

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